Project Detail

  • Project Duration: 1 Day
  • Location: Tranmere Road, Earlsfield, London SW18

Project Scope

  • Upgraded Existing Sash Window Frame to Feature Modern A-Rated Double Glazed Units


Here’s an example of a sash windows installation job in Tranmere Road, Earlsfield where we upgraded a Customer’s existing sash windows to feature new A-rated argon filled Pilkington Glass double glazed sash window frames. We also fitted new sash cords, weights, locks and draught-proof beading to bring the window up to current building standards.

The existing box frames were solid and so in consultation with the customer it was decided to just upgrade the window frames.

Unfortunately though, the box frames were suffering from a problem that we often see when we are upgrading sash windows. Over time houses move and this can cause the window frames to become buckled and distorted. We refer to this jokingly as “Alice in Wonderland Windows” because the windows become distorted like ones in the story.

Hopefully you can see this in the photographs above. Notice how the sides of the frame have been distorted and they aren’t parallel anymore. Also notice how the sides have different lengths. This makes it difficult to fit new sash window frames directly and we must do quite a lot of joinery to get a draught-proof solution that operates smoothly.

Thankfully our fitter is also an excellent joiner and in next to no time we managed to craft a first-rate solution.

At the end of the project our customer were extremely complementary about the overall appearance of her new windows and our workmanship and agreed to leave us a review on Google My Business.