Project Detail

  • Project Duration: 14 Days
  • Location: Faraday Road, Wimbledon, London SW19

Project Scope

  • Installed Replacement Sash Windows to Whole House
  • Restored Front Door to Victorian Style


This is an interesting project where our Customer initially asked us to replace a rotten sash window in the front bedroom of this Victorian house in Faraday Road, Wimbledon.

On inspection we found that the original hardwood sub-frames were in good condition and we could therefore save them and limit the work to replacing the sliding sash window units along with the cords, weights and beading.

The client was so happy that she invited us back the following year to replace the sash windows across the whole house.

Again, the sub-frames were in excellent condition and this simplified the job immensely.

All we had to do was to add new A-rated double-glazed sash window units and equip them with new draught-proof beading, new weights, cords and locks.

The customer also wanted to restore the front door to its original Victorian style and so we introduced the original dividing bar in the window panel to make the door a two-pane unit. You can see this in the pictures above and I think you will agree that it make the door much more attractive.

At the end of the project our customer were extremely complementary about the overall appearance of her new windows and our workmanship and agreed to leave us a review on Google My Business.